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Well Dog Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre

Unit 30 Wulfric Square
Bretton Peterborough PE3 8RF


0771 876 6148


   Programs and Prices:


Each dog is different and each has its own special requirements, however in general


each program consists of a hydrotherapy session of 30 minutes including swim time.

Veterinary Hydrotherapy referrals are up to 45 minutes.




Our Program Entails:


Record full details of your dog, plus contact details of yourself and your vet

General visual health check appraisal including heart check, muscle mass, etc.


Remove loose coat hair and excess body dirt


Fit correct size life jacket / buoyancy aid to your dog


 Hydrotherapy swimming session with personal 1-2-1 hydrotherapist assistance

Dry your dog initially with warm towels and then in our warming dryer area


Provide you with an up to date appraisal of condition and progress


Provide advice as to any ongoing treatment

Record findings in your personal file and if necessary forward to vet.






This first WELL DOG session will last around 45 minutes:

Which will include: A full health check, measurements, heart check, etc.,

and a hydrotherapy session together with the provision of a personal care plan.


Session prices are £37.50 and will last approx. 30 minutes.