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Unit 30 Wulfric Square
Bretton Peterborough PE3 8RF


0771 876 6148

 Terms and Conditions:


Complete care and consideration is provided to all dogs whilst undertaking

any WELL DOG Hydrotherapy sessions, however please be advised that all
swimming and/or hydrotherapy programs are taken at the owner’s risk.

Dogs with eye, ear, skin infections or any other infectious conditions will not

be allowed to use the pool and/or facilities until the condition has completely

Owners are required to notify WELLDOG Hydrotherapy of any changes
noted to the condition of their dog during and after any course of hydrotherapy.


Please do not feed your dog within the 3 hours prior to your visit.


Please take your dog for a short walk prior to a session to relieve itself,

ensuring that you clear up any waste.  A surcharge of £50 will be levied

for any dog that fouls in the pool, as the pool will then need to be closed for cleaning.

Do not feed your dog for approximately 3 hours after any session.


Dogs must be kept under control and on a lead at all times whilst waiting to be
treated or those outside of hydrotherapy.

Owners are respectfully requested to pick up any dog waste whilst on our
premises and surrounding areas outside our premises.


WELLDOG Hydrotherapy will not be held responsible for any personal

or vehicle damage or loss to property whilst on or outside our premises.

WELLDOG Hydrotherapy reserves the right to take and/or use
any photographs or video footage obtained during sessions.

WELLDOG Hydrotherapy retains the right to refuse
treatment to any dog at any time.


Full payment must be made prior to any hydrotherapy/swimming session.

cancellations of less than 24hrs may still be charged.


Please Note: Late arrivals for sessions unfortunately may not be seen
and may have to be rescheduled for a later date but may still be charged.