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Welcome to Well Dog Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre. We believe in and promote the importance of a close working relationship between owner and therapist. Well Dog Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre was created to bring the best and most up to date treatments to dogs and their owners. We believe in the importance of maintaining a close working relationship with owners and vets. This enables our clients to understand the treatments we are offering and how they work with the owner’s goals.

We know it isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to therapy for dogs. This is why we work to create a program that suits the unique needs of the patient. We are always training, learning new skills and seeking to further our education. This enables us to always offer the best possible treatments, which is shown in our success rate of dog rehabilitation.


Stacey has come from a family that have always been animal focused. They have owned dogs, horses, cats and more. With all her pets, their health has always been a great interest to Stacey. Around 15 years ago Stacey’s dog began to suffer greatly with his joints and mobility. Stacey was keen not to go down the drug route and then came across canine hydrotherapy and rehabilitation.

Stacey saw the benefits and amazing results from hydrotherapy and decided that she would become qualified, then registered. Stacey then decided she would set up her own rehabilitation centre for dogs and this is when Well Dog Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre was born.

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Karen is the Assistant Manager at Well Dog Therapy. She is in charge of the day to day running of the business, she oversees contact with the vets and looks after the booking system too. Karen has been part of the team at Well Dog Therapy almost since the doors first opened. She has a broad interest in nutrition and is currently training to be a nutritionist.
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Caitlin is one of the Hydrotherapy Assistants here at Well Dog Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre. Caitlin is studying canine hydrotherapy and physiotherapy at Moulton College, alongside Animal Management. Caitlin welcomes our clients before their hydrotherapy sessions. She also carries out all the health checks on our patients before and after sessions, as well as drying them after hydrotherapy sessions so they are ready to go home.
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Carlie - Veterinary Physiotherapist

My name is Carlie and I am a mobile veterinary physiotherapist from Bourne in Lincolnshire and I cover all the surrounding areas. I have been working in the animal rehabilitation industry for over 15 years. Working closely alongside veterinary surgeons and hydrotherapists ensures that your animal gets the best care and program in order deliver the most up-to-date rehabilitation and physiotherapy techniques. I see many clients that want to use physiotherapy as a preventative measure and or want to increase their fitness particularly in sporting animals.


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To continue training and develop working relationships with other therapists to broaden our experience and knowledge.

To always have a clean, safe and comfortable environment that allows us to continue with the success we have enjoyed over the last 10 years.

Always to broaden our knowledge and continue to do so to remain up to date.

To deliver the most up to date information and techniques through training and qualifications that allow us to provide the optimum rehabilitation program.

To work closely with owners to gain their trust and implement the correct rehabilitation program.

We offer high quality treatments with great results here at Well Dog Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre. To find out more about what we can do for your pet; please contact our team now or check out the selection of treatments we offer.
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