What is Physiotherapy?

When water therapy is not an option for your dog, we may recommend physiotherapy. We will also recommend physiotherapy as a treatment to work alongside water therapy. Physiotherapy for dogs is the treatment of disease, injury or deformity by physical methods. These physical methods include massage, heat/cold therapy and specific exercises. We use physiotherapy as a way to restore movement and function for your dog and also reduce the risk of injury or illness in the future.

What is Physiotherapy


Reduce Back Pain

Reduce Neck Pain

Support Arthritis Strains

Aid Recovery from Injury

Post-Operative Rehabilitation



Our physiotherapy treatments for dogs can help a wide range of illnesses and ailments that your dog may be experiencing. These are just some examples of the conditions that physiotherapy for dogs can help;


Physiotherapy can help to ease the pain your dog may be experiencing. Through a variety of soft tissue techniques, such as massage, alongside joint techniques, such as mobilisations and stretches, we can help with a wide range of problems your dog is experiencing. Dogs with spinal and neurological problems have been known to benefit greatly from physiotherapy. After chatting with you and meeting your dog, we will discuss the best physiotherapy treatments that are appropriate for you. This may include exercise rehabilitation as this is a very important part of physiotherapy for dogs.

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Fran Thackray testimonial

Carlie has been such a help to our Labrador Lucy after she had a cruciate ligament injury and surgery. Lucy is now gaining strength and fitness each day and I’m sure this is partly due to Carlie’s diligent and patient treatment with her. Thank you!

Fran Thackray

I have recently used Carlie on a puppy classed as a “swimmer”. When I called her in at four weeks, he couldn’t walk. She put in place a regime of massage and exercise and was very diligent and professional in her sessions with him, resulting in a very happy normal puppy! I would have no hesitation in recommending Vier Animal Physiotherapy. 

Maxine Woodley

Carlie has been a great help to both my boys, Rogue has been suffering with age related arthritis and Snoop has neurological problems that affect his balance. The treatment has taken place at our home where the boys are comfortable and Carlie has been calm and understanding with both dogs throughout their treatment sessions. 

Michala Banks

If you think physiotherapy could work for your dog or you have concerns about aches and pains your dog is experiencing; call our team now. We can discuss your concerns and recommend the best physiotherapy for your dog.

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