The Physical And Emotional Benefits Of Canine Hydrotherapy

The Physical And Emotional Benefits Of Canine Hydrotherapy

Here at Well Dog Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre we take pride in offering the highest quality of hydrotherapy for our patience.
We have helped many dogs over the years and their owners have seen some incredible results from our treatments.

We often talk to our clients about how hydrotherapy works and what conditions it can help. However, we rarely talk about the physical ad emotional benefits of dog hydrotherapy. This is what we would like to talk about in this blog post.

Physical Benefits of Canine Hydrotherapy

The movement in water provides a dog with increased resistance. In turn, this amps up the effects of the exercise. Some experts feel that your dog will reap the benefits of a ten-mile run in a ten-minute swim. The buoyancy of the water really helps the dogs we work with. It allows overweight or disabled dogs to perform non-weight bearing exercises with reduced stress on their joints.

The reduced stress on the joints of your dog will promote quicker healing from surgery because of this increased circulation. All systems within your dogs’ body, including the skin, muscles, endocrine, lymphatic, nervous, respiratory, circulatory, urinary, reproductive and skeletal systems, are simultaneously relaxed and stimulated through our water-based therapy.

Pain and spasms that your dog may be experiencing could be reduced and therefore so will levels of stress, while metabolic functions and hormones are stimulated.
Canine hydrotherapy can help with draining lymphatic fluid and also decrease inflammation while working on improving range of movement.

The Emotional Benefits of Canine Hydrotherapy

Canine hydrotherapy doesn’t just offer physical benefits, there are many emotional benefits too, for example as dogs get older and begin to lose their mobility they may experience stress and fear this is especially the case when their conditions are causing them pain it is also the case if they have to experience uncomfortable procedures such as surgery.

The support of the water during hydrotherapy gives them relief from their discomfort, this helps to promote a sense of well-being and also helps to relieve stress, while promoting range of movement, muscle build and regained strength.

If you would like to see the benefits for your dog yourself, then call us now to arrange an appointment.

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